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Online Class Compilations

Several of my online classes have just completed and I wanted to let everyone know that your class compilation file is in work. When finished, I will post the compilation file in RESOURCES and you use your password to access […]

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NEXT CLASS: Formatting for Effect

The next class - Formatting for Effect - starts Monday, June 24, 2013, at In this class, we will learn how to format for effect–from words to sentences to paragraphs to pages to scenes to chapters to novel–we will learn how […]

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Next Class: Mentoring Month begins June 1

Have you ever needed just one good person to help you work through your WIP? Someone with experience and time for you? Now you have it. I am doing mentoring classes via private email, Skype, and so on. Each student […]

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Next class: Sizzling Synopses & Captivating Queries

Most writers are apprehensive about the process and avoid them until the last minute, when there’s a manuscript to submit and little time to devote to your query and synopsis. But avoiding them won’t make them go away. Whether you […]

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Science Fiction-learn the history, the tropes, the cliches, and how to avoid them

WHAT: THE SCIENCE IN SCIENCE FICTION online class WHEN: Begins Dec 3-21, 2012 WHERE: ABOUT:  Can a historical writer write historicals without knowing history? Can a crime writer write crimes without reading Agatha Christi or Dashiell Hammit or Lee […]

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Are you writing a Paranormal or Urban Fantasy?

If you are, NOW is the time to sign up for my online class, URBAN FANTASY: MORE BANG FOR YOUR FANG, going on now at FF&P. It’s only day 2, but we haven’t even begun with lessons till later today, […]

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  • Saturday Nov 12, 2011 Amsterdam 052

Nano-ing Your Novel Workshop was fun!

What a blast we had with last night’s Nano-ing Your Novel to Publication with a great bunch of super duper creative writers in Amsterdam at The English Bookshop! Thanks Liesl at The English Bookshop for the great service :). And […]

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Nano Workshop Special Price!

The Nano-ing Your Novel to Publication Workshop has a 2 day special price! €20.00 via eventbrite €10.00 for previous class attendees or attendee referrals €30.00 at the door CLICK HERE to find out more about the class. CLICK HERE to […]

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Urban Fantasy class a success!

On Saturday, Nov 5, we held the Urban Fantasy Writers Workshop at The American Book Center (Treehut) in The Hague and it was great! I met some wonderful writers and learned as much (maybe more?) from them as they did […]

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I’m top 5!

I’m in the top 5 Fort Worth Examiners! Top Examiners in Fort Worth 1. Fort Worth Weather Examiner 2. TCU Horned Frogs Examiner 3. Fort Worth Gardening Examiner 4. Fort Worth Christianity & Culture Examiner 5. Fort Worth Writing Examiner

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