I added 2,250 words to my WIP this weekend! A lot of that is thanks to writer-friend Grace! Who wrote with me at our fave hangout, Atlanta Bread on S. Cooper in Arlington, and at her house where it’s nice and quiet while her hubby is gone for the weekend. Got lots more to go, but I’m feeling energized!

COMING SOON to a website near you!

Also, created two new domains, websites pending. One is HOUSEWIFE HOCKEY for those odd little views on hockey from women, not men, not fantasy sports players, not pros (though I hope to have interviews there too). When it gets going, it’ll be at housewifehockey.com.

I gave The Angel Project it’s own domain name: theangelprojectfantasybook.com For now, use pathauldren.com/theangelproject because I’m still building the website.

In the meantime, twitter THE ANGEL PROJECT and keep up to date on novel development!